Olive Branch Missionary Baptist Church originated from the First Baptist Church on West Main Street in Elizabeth City and holds the proud distinction of being the oldest Black church in Elizabeth City.

The first record of Black members was shown in 1808. In 1857, there were fifty-one members recorded. During the Civil War, the idea of establising a place of worship was conceived in the minds of our spirtually minded fore parents. Taking refuge on Roanoake Island, they protected their families and fulfilled their military duties. Foremost in their minds was a desire and a dream to build a church when they returned to Elizabeth City. In 1861, Association minutes and records of First Baptist Church show there were sixty-seven Black members, which increased to seventy-two members in 1862.

The name Olive Branch was from the time of the great flood when all creation was destroyed and a dove brought back a green branch from an olive tree. The dove was a symbol of peace and happiness and the olive tree symbolized endurance - the ability to stand strong in spite of the storms of life.

The Church continues to carry on the work of God under the spritual guidance and leadership of Pastor McDonald.

We will not rest on our past accomplishments or relax in complacency at Olive Branch Missionary Baptist Church. With God's help, we will strive to meet the challenges facing us. We will remain true to the will of God and His purpose and make our present and future as glorious and dynamic as our blessed past.